35 Already

I turned 35 today, which is like a milestone since I’m at the end of the “18-35 year old” marketing bracket. Does this mean I should grow up and settle down or something? Doubtful!

Reflecting back I realize I love my life the way it is and although I’ve done some ridiculously silly things over the years I have few regrets. There have been many concerts, camping trips, and kayaking adventures and I expect heaps more in the coming years.

When I turned 30 I remember my Aunt Barb told me she thought your 30s are your best years because you’re still young but don’t have any of the self-consciousness that rules your 20s. I think she was bang on and with her wise words in the back of my mind, I’ve been thourougly enjoying my 30s.

To more years of fun!

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