Learning to Turn in Some of the Best Snow I’ve Ever Seen

On Christmas Eve afternoon I decided to go snowboarding at Silver Star. I was going to go the previous day but the temperature on the hill was hovering around a high of -18 C. Reilly game me some grief about skipping out but I’m glad I did since Christmas Eve was a more reasonable -12 and we also had an overnight snowfall on the hill.

When I showed up I found almost a foot of fluffy powder in the village. The temperature was warmer that it had been all week but still cold enough to keep the snow from getting heavy. My goal that day was to figure out how to make connecting turns which meant going from my toe edge to my heel edge and back without catching the wrong edge and faceplanting into the snow.

My first run down was a disaster! I fell repeatedly, caught many edges, and cursed the powder snow that kept throwing me off balance. By the end of the run I’d figured out how to stay upright most of the time but wondered if I had forgotten everything I’d learned at Cypress the week before.

Run number two was down a long winding green run called the Bergerstrasse and it took me almost 45 minutes to do the whole thing. Again there was much falling and swearing; however, by the end of the run I’d managed to connect a few turns and was feeling much more stable on my feet.

After going up the main chairlift again I decided to hit the Bergerstrasse once more to see if I could do it better this time. During this run I discovered I could comfortably link a number of turns and made it down the hill without too much tumbling around in the snow. It’s much easier in the powder because you don’t pick up as much speed while you’re turning.

Bergerstrasse left me on a high but I could feel my legs getting tired from all the crashing around so I decided to pack it in. It was already 3pm so I could’ve squeezed in only one more run but figured it was best to quit while I was feeling elated about my snowboarding experience.

I’m tentatively planning on hitting Cypress on Thursday to get some more turning practice in. The lesson plan I bought doesn’t let you go in for lessons between Dec 26 and Jan 2 so I’ll have to go up on the weekend to hook up the next one.

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