Snowboarding ist fantastisch!

First time on a snowboard today and I’m hooked! Got into my lesson first thing which worked out really well because they took us through all the basics and I was standing up and doing my little shuffle down the hill at the end. Reilly appeared afterward and we took some runs down a nice long green run called Collins which gave my legs a good workout. Later on I met up with Charles, who I work with, for another spin down Collins.

I’m feeling pretty good on the board now and am looking forward to being able to turn (without catching an edge and faceplanting in the snow) instead of slipsliding down the green runs. My plan is to get a 1/2 day of boarding in Vernon and then hit up Cypress next Saturday for another lesson to get turning (while staying upright) figured out.

Legs are pretty sore now and I’m feeling bushed so I’m going to pack for my flight to Vernon tomorrow and then catch an early night.

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