What Has Billy Idol Been Smoking?

If anyone is looking for some truly bad Christmas music, I invite you to check out Billy Idol’s Christmas album. Here’s his interperatation of Jingle Bell Rock:

How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

When I first heard that Billy Idol had a Christmas album out I thought it had the potential to be funny in a cheezy way like William Shatner’s album Has Been, which was a great album! After Shatner’s album came out I heard people at shows talking about it for the whole next year. It looks like Billy Idol took his Christmas album seriously and it sucks as a result.

It’s as bad as The Hives new Christmas single with Cindy Lauper.

So please people, stop putting out these terrible Christmas songs!

Back in my world, this weekend’s been all about getting everything sorted out for Christmas and for snowboarding season. Most of my shopping is done, all my camping gear is put away, and the apartment is clean again. Well, sorta clean. It’s been good to get a weekend to take care of all this stuff and chill out a little.

Tonight we get to see our friend Shan rock out with her dance class. I’ve been curious about all this dancing she’s been doing and I’m excited to finally check it out.

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