Flat On My Back

The weather has warmed up in Vancouver and the huge mounds of snow in the parking lot at work have started melting. During the day there’s runoff all over the asphalt which freezes overnight. I didn’t think about this until I found myself flat on my back while walking over the black ice towards our office. The two tomatoes in my pack cushioned my fall; however, when I opened up my pack I discovered tomato insides all over my stuff! My keys had flown into a snowbank during the crash and the apple in my other hand was flung into the parking lot somewhere. I never did recover the apple.

On my way home from work, Reilly phoned to let me know everyone was meeting up at the Black Frog. After fighting my way through the downtown traffic (an accident on the Lions Gate had backed everything up) I rolled into the pub to see how everyone’s week had been. Miranda and Reilly are gearing up for the Indie I Do wedding show that they’re putting on next Saturday. It’ll be a refreshing departure from the usual wedding stuff and I’m curious to see the vendors there.

I thought about going snowboarding today, but honestly, I was feeling a little wiped and figured it was best to have a laid back day. I did get a bunch of things scratched off my list. The list had been growing all week and I was beginning to feel swamped. Now things are back under control.

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