New Years Adventures

On New Years Eve I hopped over to Reilly and Miranda’s pad for a New Years party with the gaggle of people that had come over. I was introduced to “Friendmas” where we exchange cool presents between friends. This rad shirt that has a working set of drum pads on the front was gifted to me. People can whack you in the chest and hear drum sounds! It’s one of the strangest but coolest things I’ve ever seen. I got a couple of other neat Threadless shirts too.

Kimli busted out some Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets which are pills that dull the “sour” tastebuds on your tongue. When you eat something sour, like a lemon, it tastes sweet! It looked like a scene out of a Hollywood drug movie when we popped back these pills, let them disolve, and demolished the plate of lemon wedges, limes, and cranberries on the table. The cranberries tasted like apples and the lemons and limes were remarkably sugary! Strange, strange pills.

It was 3am when I finally got home and I wasn’t able to get up early enough in the morning for a full day of boarding on Cypress. I was kinda tired anyway so I skipped snowboarding and took care of a long list of things needing attention around the house.

When I was slacking off on my house things, I finished reading Black Postcards,  the autobiography of Dean Wareham who is the main guy behind the criminally underrated band Luna. Great book! It’s interesting to hear what it’s like being in a small touring band. What’s unfortunate is they never made it very big despite having released critically acclaimed albums.

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