Back In Your Head

My history with Tegan and Sara dates back to 2002 when I picked up a copy of If It Was You at A&B Sound. I listened to the “hit” tracks a few times but never got into the remainder of the album. A few months later I caught a clip of them playing on TV and was quite impressed by how evocative their music was when they played live. After that I made a mental note to check them out sometime. That promise to myself never materialized until I attended the Sasquatch Festival this past summer and was bowled over by their powerful music mixed in with hilarity in between songs. I find myself attending Tegan and Sara shows as much for the music as all the funny stuff they talk about when they’re not playing.

Last night I caught my third T&S show at the Orpheum Theatre where they shared a bill with Broken Social Scene. The show had sold out right away but we were lucky to be on top of getting tickets just after they went on sale. The bands music was as moving as ever and Tegan’s wardrobe malfunction (the top button on her shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned) provided a topic for them to joke about for the first few songs. Some people had cheered when Tegan announced her button problems and Sara wondered aloud if people imagined songs were better if the performer removes their clothes before playing them. “I really like this Bruce Springsteen song. I hope he plays it in his boxers!”

There was a part where Tegan announced her head had become full now that she was getting older and she would probably forget the words to the next song. Naturally she got lost,┬ásignaled┬áthe band to stop and then re-started the chorus again. Normally this would’ve annoyed me but the humor it brought out became another high point of an awesome show.

Broken Social Scene, the band following, was much better than the last time I saw them, but it’s tough to watch a mellower, more ambient band like theirs after an energetic Tegan and Sara show. I still enjoyed it though, especially the last song which they rocked!

Tegan and Sara have become a “must not miss” band for me and I’m looking forward to the next album and a string of new shows. They’d announced that this was the last show of their tour for their latest (amazing) album, The Con, so I expect they’ll be in the studio over the next couple of years making more musical goodness for us.

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  1. I’ve never seen Tegan and Sarah live! Will have to get on that. I always liked them cuz they’re so damn cute, and if you’ve got Neil Young in your corner, well …

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