Calgary Adventures

Despite the unhappy circumstances I had a good trip to Calgary. There were a pile of people at the memorial that I hadn’t seen in years and it was great to reconnect with everyone.

My uncle gave a wonderful (and emotional) speech during the service. My late aunt Julia was an amazing woman who had a voracious appetite for books and learning. She spoke several languages in addition to being a master of the English language. My cousin remarked that he was the only 12 year old who could explain that laundry is “hung” and a man is “hanged.”

I stayed with my cousin Nick and his wife Aimee and got to spend time with them and Rowen, their 16 month old. He’s a fun kid to be around although I realize that it’s heaps of work to raise a child. Fortunately that’s not in the cards for me anytime soon! Nick and Aimee are pretty awesome and I always enjoy spending time with them. Their house is really cool too. They bought it almost 10 years ago when it was a dilapidated shack in Inglewood. Aimee’s Dad runs a renovation company so they got together, gutted the place, and totally restored it. I think it’s the coolest place ever and if I were to own a house, it would be that house!

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