Celebrities and Northern Voice

Having a blast @ Northern Voice today! Nora Young, the host of CBC’s Spark program (which I am totally curious about now) gave a great presentation about what traditional media needs to learn and integrate from the social media revolution. She used the phrase “participatory culture” to summarize how things are moving to a community model instead of the traditional push model of media. I thought that phrase captured the concept brilliantly.

Next up was Rob Cottingham and his hilarious take on LOLCats, Memes, and other phenomena in the social media world. Instead of “25 things that most people don’t know about you” postings, he recommended, “3 people you’ve cheated on your spouse with.” I think that’d be way more interesting to read. Personally I’ve avoided posting my 25 things. 

Just got out of Steve Pratt’s presentation about how CBC Radio 3 created a “radio station” that’s 180 degrees from commercial stations. Their new website (which comes out this spring) looks awesome! Lets you have a profile that shows what concerts you’re attending and what bands you like. Totally built for a guy like me!

Robert Scoble showed up. He’s a high-profile blogger who I used to read in 2003ish when he worked with Microsoft. Interesting to see him here. Kinda took me by surprise. 

Even cooler is Tegan and Sara have begun following me on Twitter. Kinda strange and I’m assuming someone in their camp saw all my updates as our excitement built for their last Vancouver show. I’m following them now, hoping for a heads up for their new album’s release.

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