I Have a Friend Her Name Is Lisa

Our band, now officially named “My Friend Lisa” got together at Reilly’s apartment to rehearse last night. For the past few weeks we’ve been working as a 3 piece with Shan on the mic, Reilly on his acoustic guitar, and me on drums. Yesterday we talked our friend Aaron into coming out to play his acoustic bass with us and it sounded great!

Reilly has some pictures of the space (including my new drum kit) on his flickr site. http://flickr.com/photos/reillyphoto/sets/72157614392101097/

This week’s been pretty mellow for me. I’ve been trying to shake this cold that ripped through our office so I haven’t been going to the gym or anything. Bah! Tomorrow starts a new week for me and I’ll be back into the routine.

What’s going on this weekend? Tonight I’m catching Bill Frisell (jazz guy) and then probably heading down to the Biltmore to see Geoff Berner drunkenly rock his accordian. I’m excited about both shows and will try and post something later tonight or tomorrow.

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