My Sister’s International Man of Mystery

Ever since my sister announced her marriage to an Indian living in Dubai I’ve been insatiably curious about him. Yesterday we finally got to meet during a three hour layover as they head to Vernon to spend this week with my Mom. Great guy! Name’s Rayomand, or Rayo for short and he works doing implementations for an airline software company. This lets him travel all over the world so instead of flying home in two weeks he’s going to be heading straight to Algeria to manage an implementation for a client over there.

The plan is for me to drive to Vernon next Saturday, spend the evening with everyone, and then take my sister and Rayo back to Vancouver on Sunday. My sister also said she’d show me how to cook authentic Indian dishes as long as I can grab some of the more exotic ingredients from a store in Vancouver.

Today I’ve elected to skip snowboarding and get things sorted out on the home front. I was a little wiped yesterday from a late Friday night and a full day so I didn’t get much done outside of running around and meeting up with Theresa and Rayo. Next year I think I’m going to go for a season pass at Cypress so I can snowboard in 2-3 hour chunks instead of trying to commit to full days (which I rarely have) on the hill.

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