Mystery No Longer

I’ve been fighting off the cold that swept through our office this week and have had little time to myself outside of sleeping and working. Fortunately I’m on the mend!

Last weekend I drove to Vernon to meet up with my sister and her new husband. We had a great, but short visit. I took them on a scenic drive over the Hope-Princeton back to the Lower Mainland on Sunday and deposited them at my Aunt Barb’s place in Mission. We all had dinner together, my Aunt got to hear about all their adventures, and then I headed for home.

On Monday night I went out to dinner with my sister and then we made the obligatory stop at Dairy Queen for blizzards. When Theresa lived in Yellowknife they had a Dairy Queen, but it closed down after a couple of years but the addiction had already taken hold so whenever she’s in a city that has Dairy Queen it becomes a “must stop” destination.

It’s funny hearing the things that she misses about Canada. Apparently the cheddar cheese that’s sold overseas isn’t anything like the real Canadian stuff. She’s also been hitting Tim Hortons. Strangely I had the same craving for Tims when I went to Germany, even though I never go there when I’m in Canada!

Today I’m off to Northern Voice to hang out with the other Social Media types and see what’s happening in the world of blogging, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll try and fire off some updates from that part of the world.

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