Your Love is Like Bad Medicine

I’ve been obsessed with Bon Jovi for the past week, mostly because of that cover that we belted out at our previous jam. I watched a couple of videos and discovered that Bon Jovi soaked themselves in 80’s glam fashion. I witnessed the glory of feathered hair, eyeliner, and especially the glittery trenchcoats with ironing board sized shoulderpads. Jon Bon Jovi even admitted he hasn’t shown his kids any old Bon Jovi videos because he’s embarassed to let them see his old hairstyle.

Fortunately we had another jam tonight that was Bon Jovi free. We were at Rockspace so I got to hop on a full drum kit. Oddly enough, after playing the first couple of songs plugged in, we realized our music sounds better in it’s acoustic form. So we unplugged, I picked up the brushes and we spent most of the evening as the acoustic act that we realized we are.

Few more jams and we should be ready for some time on stage!

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