When It Rains Bands It Pours

I’m a huge fan of live music, which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. What I’ve noticed over the years is concerts seem to come in waves. You’ll have a couple of months where there isn’t a compelling show in town then you’ll find yourself buried in a heap of awesome shows that all happen in the next two months.

Right now I’ve hit the avalance of great shows to start off the summer season. I thought I’d put up a list in case anyone who’s not already attending was interested in checking something out.

Tue, April 21 – Cold War Kids w. Crystal Antlers
Sun, April 26 – Bloc Party w. Hot Hot Heat
Sat, May 2 – The Weakerthans w. The Constantines
Sat, May 23 – Mon, May 25 – Sasquatch Festival (so excited for this!)
Mon, Jun 29 – Al Domeola World Sinfonia
Tue, Jun 30 – Kenny Werner Quintet
Thu, Jul 16 – Death Cab For Cutie

These are all going to be great shows! The two shows in June are part of the jazz festival and I’ve never heard of either of these bands. My friend Chris is a jazz guitarist and will sometimes tell me I should go to a particular show that he’s attending. Every time I’ve joined him at one of these concerts I’ve been blown away by some incredible jazz musicianship! So now I just go without questioning his judgement.

4 thoughts on “When It Rains Bands It Pours”

  1. Have you already bought tickets to Cold War Kids? I was thinking of going, but they’re sold out at Zulu and I hate Ticketmaster.

    Of course, I discovered CWK many years ago, before they even existed yet.. or, more specifically, when they only had an EP or two out.

  2. I was talked into going by a friend who had an extra ticket so I bought it off him. I wonder if Scratch might have some? Those swine at Ticketmaster have got a seemingly unshakable monopoly on ticket sales. I despise them too but there isn’t much choice.

    Would be rad if you came out!

    Heh, you should start writing for Pitchfork or something.

  3. “…the whole medium comes off as derivative of Pavement.” I’d say that’s a pretty accurate assessment. :)

    $60 for Travis? That’s a lot of cash for a Commodore show. You’ll have to let me know how it is.

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