Whirlwind Weekend

I had some friends heading up to Chase (just past Kamloops) to do some camping and I’ve been hemming and hawing all week about going. I’ve got a pile of things to do this weekend, most importantly is to finish unpacking and organizing the rest of my boxes so my place feels like a proper home instead of a hurricane of paper, clothes, and computer gear.

Finally last night at 5pm I realized I didn’t have the ambition to do anything else with the condo that evening and made the snap decision to head up to Chase. It took 30 mins to unearth my camping gear, load up my iPod and hit the road. Along the way I made some stops for groceries and gas and finally rolled in to Chase around 10 that night. There was a bit of an adventure finding the park, Niskolith Lake Provincial Park, because it was dark and some donkey in his jacked-up 4×4 had decided to pull into the ditch right in front of the sign that marks the park turnoff. You’re already on a gravel road in the backcountry and it’s tough to see any signage at night already. So I had a little tour around the backroads of Chase before everyone started texting me to find out where the heck I had disappeared to. Cell phones are the best for meeting people!

I had a great evening sitting around the fire with everyone and it really let me wind down from the past few weeks of moving and unpacking. When I got up in the morning it was 6:30am and I decided to scoop Reilly’s kayak and take it out on a paddle around Niskolith Lake. Our campsite faced a green swath of farmland across the lake and I love getting out on the water to see all the scenery. There’s a little island farther down where someone had beached two small kayaks that were being guarded by a flock of Canada Geese who honked and splashed around as I approached. 

With the morning paddle done I was feeling like it was time to get back to Vancouver and rip into my long, long list of todos for the weekend. Everyone was still asleep so I tossed my stuff into my car, wrote a quick note to the gang saying thanks for the wilderness experience and headed for home. Normally I’d stay out all weekend but we’re going to hit the Sasquatch Festival in Washington next week and I want to have everything cleared up before then otherwise it’ll be hanging over my head during the festival.

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