Back in the Okanagan

I’m spending the weekend in Vernon to see how my Mom’s doing and hang out with my sister. I just introduced Theresa (my sister, for those not in the know) to Corner Gas. She had a birthday earlier this summer but didn’t have a mailing address in Dubai so I couldn’t send her anything. Now she has another piece of Canadian culture to take home with her.

My Mom’s still recovering and has been sleeping most of the time while her brain heals. She is much more alert and back to her normal self when she’s up, which is good to see. I expect she’ll have more energy in October when she comes to Vancouver for her follow up with her specialist.

Otherwise there were a couple of band jams last week and they went pretty well. My drumming is slowly but surely tightening up even though I have a long way to go to being a solid drummer.

The biggest news is that we scored 3rd row seats to see Regina Spektor, a solo female performer who I’ve wanted to see for a long time now. Her last album was brilliant and I expect the new one will be great too. She’s supposed to put on a fantastic live show and I’m glad she’s coming back to Vancouver after I missed her previous show at the Commodore.

I’m slowing down the live shows now unless it’s someone I really want to see (like Regina Spektor!) and I’m starting to put my energies into drumming and more music stuff. I figure it’s more fun to create your own music than listen to someone else’s.

Tomorrow I head back to Vancouver and into my regular life. It’s going to be a busy week with things lined up every evening. Next Saturday I’m joining our friend Steve and our gang in celebrating his upcoming marriage by going to Victoria for a stag weekend. That should be fun times! So more traveling in the near future.

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