Sick Like Dog

The radio silence was a result of my trying to kick a nasty cold for the last couple of weeks. The first week I found I was sleeping all the time and didn’t have much energy. Once I got back from a weekend trip to Victoria the cold came on full force and I spent last week sleeping and trying to kick it.

The good news is I’m feeling alright tonight. I’ll still get an early night and tomorrow morning, if I’m feeling good, I’ll even try and get my scrawny ass into the gym.

A good friend of ours is getting married soon so we all went to Victoria for a stag celebration a couple of weeks back. Mostly we stumbled around the town and into a few pubs, of which there are some great ones in Victoria, for drinks and a few laughs. Victoria reminds me a little of Edmonton in the summer. Obviously the towns are very different but I was reminded of the legislature grounds and the cool little shops in downtown.

This past weekend we had a band jam and communal dinner on the Friday night. Saturday I was doing a bunch of running around and then there was a crazy little party at Reilly and Miranda’s place so we could meet our friend Tanya’s fiancee. Sunday morning found me in Deacon’s Corner for breakfast with everyone and afterwards I met up with Shannon, Vanja, and a pile of friends to help them move into their new place just off Denman.

Otherwise I’ve been sleeping!

Oh and I did check out another John Hughes movie on someone’s (I forget who) recommendation. The film’s called Some Kind of Wonderful and is one of my favorite John Hughes movies yet.

One thought on “Sick Like Dog”

  1. It weirds me out that you’d never seen Some Kind of Wonderful. It’s only one of my favourite movies. Also, the soundtrack is awesome and I wore out the tape.

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