The Rising Tide

Saw Sunny Day Real Estate tonight at the Commodore. Great band! They formed back in the 90’s and were widely regarded as the band that kicked off the “emo” style of music that all the kids listen to these days (I love talking like an old man).

The music I heard tonight was emotional but not like the whiny “emo” crap that’s being played these days. This was more like gentle waves of sound that would stir up into storms of noise before settling back down. I was especially impressed with their drummer who brought the band in and out of their loud/quiet/loud dynamic. He wore a pair of industrial hearing protectors (just like Reilly, the guitarist in our band) to keep from going deaf as the sidefill speaker stack threw the band’s noise back at him.

I saw Sunny Day once before in 2000 when they’d released The Rising Tide album and came through Vancouver to support it. I remember enjoying the show but it didn’t strike me as a band I wanted to get to know that well. So I haven’t listened to much of them since. Tonight’s show has made me a pretty big fan so I’m going to try and dig copies of the first two albums out.

If anyone’s interested in reading more about Sunny Day I recommend the article that Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney recently wrote. It’s well worth a read, especially given that Carrie is one of the best writers I’ve ever read.

In other music news I found out that Pavement is getting back together for some shows. I’m hoping they come to Vancouver or at least Seattle. I’ve recently discovered the genius of Pavement after seeing Stephen Malkmus and his last two brilliant solo records.

Prior to tonight’s Sunny Day show I jammed with Reilly and Shan in our rehearsal space downstairs. It was a short jam, but fun. We’ve started writing a new song and I like the way it sounds so far. Next Friday we’re going to do a BBQ at Reilly’s and we’ll put on a little performance for a couple of friends. Yes, it’s a totally exclusive show, haha.

Last night I hooked up with Tamara and some of the old gang that were around when I started working at my current company. It was good to see everyone again. Tamara’s moving to Calgary and this was our last get together with her before she heads to the snowy prairies.

This weekend we’re celebrating our friend Steve’s impending marriage with a trip to Victoria. Should be heaps of fun and I expect we’ll stagger through a number of pubs before we crawl back to the hotel rooms to collapse for the night.

So I’ll see everyone next week when I’m back.

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