And If the Devil is 6…

I’m back at the Green Tortoise after ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SHOWS I’VE EVER SEEN! The Pixies rocked tonight and I’d nearly forgotten that some of my all-time favorite songs came off their Doolittle album, which they played in it’s entirety tonight.

The show opened with clips from the film Un Chien Andalou which some of Frank’s lyrics came from. It set the mood for a strange and surreal evening which matches the type of music found on the Doolittle album.

The first three songs were b-sides, my favorite being Bailey’s Walk which they slowed down and added some effects to so it sounded like the band had come from another planet.

Then the band went through the Doolittle album track-by-track. Out of all the music I’ve listened to Doolittle has always been my favorite album and I’ve always felt the best songs aren’t the popular tracks that the band always plays at their shows. Now I’ve finally been able to hear I Bleed and Number 13 played live.

For the encore they pulled out some of the earlier songs and Joey went a little crazy during the Vamos solo. He got Dave (the drummer) to toss him a drumstick, put his guitar in the guitar stand, turned on a couple of pedals and started smacking the guitar strings with the drumstick.

So now I’m trying to wind down so I can get some sleep. I intend to go hit up a bunch of record shops as well as Elliot Bay Book Company. Then it’ll be night 2 of The Pixies! Tomorrow will be even better since I’m down on the floor instead of the balcony. Actually the balcony was really nice since you get a bird’s eye view of the show.

I need to get off this old iMac in the hostel. The keys are sticky and my fingers are getting sore from slamming them!

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