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Man, it seems like ever since I got back from Seattle I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write up all the cool things that have been happening. Most days and evenings have been packed solid. Today for example, I got up at 6am, went for a jog, headed to work for a fairly intense day and on the way home got texted by Reilly asking if I could scoop him some Granville Island Winter Ale. I had to hit a grocery store anyway so I stopped by the cold beer store on Main Street and then dropped by Reilly and Miranda’s with the goods. He’s painting his place in preparation for moving on Saturday and wasn’t going to be able to get out for beer (the most important tool for any job!).

So I get back home and begin cooking up my pasta dish for the evening (and lunch for the next couple of days) when Dave calls with stories of our old friend Lance who popped into Tofino to visit. I managed to cook the entire dish while on the phone and then was about to chow down when my cell rang. We recently changed a faulty lock on one of the storage rooms in the music area downstairs (which I manage) and I’ve been giving out new keys to bands when they show up to rehearse and discover they can’t access their gear! It’s been great to meet people in the music area so I don’t mind hopping down to sort keys out.

Once I got back upstairs I wolfed down my supper and went over to Mark and Melanie’s place to give her a hand with some email hosting and website setup she was dealing with for the new company she’s starting. She used to be a project manager and is now starting up her own pottery studio which is totally exciting. I’m glad to help out in the small ways that I can, especially since I get to see someone jump into the creative world as an entrepreneur. Now I’m back home, with delicious fresh-baked muffins from Melanie, and have a few things to wrap up before I pass out. Tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 5:30 so I can be at the gym by 6am. I’m trying to get my gym mojo back so there’s no excuse in the world that can keep me from my morning gym/running routine.

Anyhow, I have lots that’s happened this week and I’m going to write about it but every day seems to have been about as busy as today so the blogging has fallen behind. I love being busy and I just need to carve out some time for more writing. Tomorrow night is less busy, but then I’m tied up solidly until Sunday again. Maybe I’ll hit this on Sunday.

Upcoming events: Vic Chesnutt (featuring Guy Picciotto of Fugazi) on Thursday night. Helping Reilly load up the UHaul for moving on Friday night. Saturday there’s a bunch of us painting the music rooms after which I’m going to help the gang finish moving Reilly and Miranda into their new condo in my building. That evening there’s a housewarming at Shanman and Vanja’s place. Sunday: rest and recovery!

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