I never grow tired of Tofino. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. Sometimes I think to myself I ought to be going farther afield to explore new cultures and have new experiences but the trips that I get most excited about are the ones on our west coast. So I’ll be running around here for some time yet.

On Friday I jumped in Reilly and Miranda’s truck, hopped on the ferry, and then met up with Amanda in Nanaimo. Reilly had heaps of music gear and photography stuff so the four of us managed to pack the truck full. I ended up doing the drive from Nanaimo with my shoes off and my legs crossed on the seat. We did find this old-timey drive-in burger joint in Port Alberni called the J&L Drive In that was from the same era as Peter’s Drive In in Calgary. It was so good that we hit it on the way home as well.

Friday night was a night to have a few beers and hang out with Dave once he was done work. We had 8 people stuffed into our little cabin on the waterfront so it was cozy, but that made it so much more fun. Amanda and I were in charge of breakfast on Saturday so we picked up a kilogram of bacon and did up a bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns breakfast for everyone. The weather was nice so everyone piled out to Long Beach while Reilly and Miranda shot the wedding they came out for.

We spent a couple of hours wandering around Long Beach and Incinerator Rock. I could happily spend ages there reading and watching the surf. I had stopped by the Mermaid Tales Bookshop earlier in the day and scooped a copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I always try and slip into Mermaid Tales when I’m in Tofino because they have a small but excellent selection of literature and I never feel like I have to wade through a heap of books like I do at Chapters. Inevitably I find a great book to read during my visit.

Darren and Josh on Incinerator Rock

Saturday night I snuck back to Dave’s for an earlier night so we could take the boat out first thing in the morning before everyone else woke up. We’d originally planned to do a short kayak trip but decided instead to go out in the boat since we had already put it in the water on Saturday evening. We managed to get a short cruise in, saw a sea lion right beside us, and by 9 we were back in time to make Sunday’s breakfast of waffles, bacon and ham. Then 4 of our party had to head back to the big city so they could work on Monday and the rest of us piled into Dave’s boat and went for a trip up north of Tofino around the west coast of Meares Island, the same island that Dave and I camped on during our December trip last year. There was a window of great weather and the sights were fantastic! There seem to be loads of houseboats parked in the inlets around the area and I always think it would be idillic to live in a small houseboat outside Tofino. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle being so far from culture though.

Sunday night we chilled out at the cabin with Dave, Amelia, and their friend Dee who I had met on my last trip in August. Dee always has crazy stories about the local goings on in town and we all had a good time chatting into the night.

Finally Monday we had to tear ourselves away from our oasis on the west coast and head home. I managed to sneak into the Common Loaf for breakfast and then over to Tuff Beans for a morning tea with Dave and Amelia before Reilly and the gang showed up in the Xterra to drag me back to Vancouver.

I’m kinda glad to be home although I could easily spend a few more weeks out in Tofino. Tomorrow I am heading to Seattle to see the Pixies perform their entire Doolittle album on both Thursday and Friday nights! I’m looking forward to seeing the show and spending a little time exploring Seattle. The Elliot Bay Book Company, the best bookstore I’ve ever visited, is going to be my first stop tomorrow after I check into the Green Tortoise hostel. I’m not planning to bring my laptop so I’m probably not going to be online until I’m back on Saturday night.

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