And the busyness continues…

So ya, still busy! Home has been this place that I eat and sleep at. Otherwise I don’t seem to spend much time here. Unless I’m watching Fugazi videos posted on Carrie Brownstein’s blog.

Tonight was the Amenities Building meeting that I attend now that I’m in charge of keeping the music room organized. We got all three music rooms painted last weekend with a bunch of help from all the music people. The whole place hadn’t had much love in the past 8 years so it was pretty rough. The painting has done wonders!

So the weekend was like this: Friday night I helped load up the UHaul that Reilly and Miranda were using to move their house with. Saturday morning we did the painting thing in the music studios until about 3pm and then I went over to help with the second load of stuff from Reilly and Miranda’s old place. That night there was a party I was going to attend but I was bushed. Sunday I helped Reilly paint and then over to IKEA with everyone for furniture shopping which involved more loading and unloading of stuff at Reilly’s.

Busy weekend but I enjoyed all the activity. I’m not as sore as I thought I’d be either.

Tomorrow night might be a band jam, then Thursday night there’s some sort of thing going on at the Alibi Room with some friends. Friday there’s a housewarming at Reilly and Miranda’s and I’ll be splitting my time between that and our building’s Christmas party. T Riley’s playing at the Christmas party which I’m looking forward to. Her show at the Railway was awesome and I’d like to check out her band again.

Then a blessedly quiet weekend! I’m sure I’ll fill it up with stuff…

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