Chopper Reid’s Christmas Poem

It’s been a chill Christmas in the Okanagan so far. Wednesday I sailed over the Coquihalla and into Westbank to visit Tamara. We caught up on all our adventures over dinner and a couple of pints at Kelly O’Brians and then checked out her sweet new pad that overlooks the lake. Her place has some layouts that are similar to mine, only the people who built it laid it out way better than my place! When it comes time to renovate my kitchen and bathroom I have a much better idea of what I want to do now.

Now I’m in Vernon hanging out with my Mom. I brought my electronic drum kit down since our band, My Friend Lisa, is going to be doing our first show for a pack of friends at Reilly and Miranda’s New Years eve party. I’m a little nervous, but excited to finally be in front of an audience. Our last couple of jams went well so it should sound alright. Now I just have to practice lots and make sure I’m on my game when we play.

This weekend I’m meeting up with a couple of friends who are in the area for the holidays. There’s also turkey to eat and some Whistler Brewing beer to drink with our neighbor who’s a pretty fun guy to hang out with. So it’ll be good times! Coming back on the 29th assuming the roads are in good shape. With any luck they’ll be as good as they were coming out here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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