Christmas is Coming

I’m sitting in Re-Entry having a peppermint tea while I wait for my car to get tuned up and checked over in preparation for my drive to Kelowna tomorrow. I’m spending the night in Kelowna to give me a chance to hang out with Tamara and also to break up the drive a little bit. If the conditions warrant it then I’ll be taking the Hope Princeton into the interior. The Coquihalla can be a muppet show at this time of year but I’ll check conditions tomorrow morning to see if it’s passable with the mighty Civic. Right now it looks pretty good. Only a few reports of possible flurries and the webcams show decent conditions.

Our band jammed last night and we’re starting to get nice and tight again. We’ve tentatively talked about doing a little show at Reilly and Miranda’s new years party which means I need to practice my ass off over the Christmas holidays. I’m thinking I’m going to throw the Yamaha drum kit into the car and play it while I’m in Vernon. It’s an electronic kit so it doesn’t make much noise.

The past couple of weeks have been busy for me. I’m making a move back to my old company downtown in the new year and arranging that took up most of my time. I like the company I just left – some great people there – so making the decision to leave was tough. There were a few nights of tossing and turning which threw me off my game for a while. Now that everything’s settled I feel like life has gotten back to normal.

So it’s the rush to Christmas. Last night I realized I’m leaving tomorrow which makes this a busy day for me. I think I’ve caught up on most of the important stuff but I’ve got a bunch of running around to do when I get my car back. Good thing traffic has chilled out. I decided against doing any shopping on the weekend since I knew it would be  a donkey circus.

I had Christmas cards but never put them in the mail so I’m going to keep them for next year. Every year I have the best intentions to send those monsters but it never seems to happen. I think it’s because I’m not a big Christmas person. It always feels so far off that I think I’ve got loads of time to sort things out and then before I know it I’m only a couple of days away and all the shipping deadlines have long since passed. doh!

My almond croissant is finished. Time for a walk down Main Street…

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