I’m a Grown Up Now

For the second time this week I went down to Ikea and got stuff for my house. Last Friday I had a few friends over for a BBQ. Knowing that my place is not very well set up for people I had to keep the crowd small and it was a good thing because I realized that it’s not comfortable to have more than about 6 people over at once, especially if everyone’s eating.

Sunday I stormed into Ikea with a list of furnishings including more lighting (desperately needed given the early darkness in winter), a rug (so people can actually stand on something other than bare cement), and a proper coffee table for everyone to eat on and place drinks on. The hand-me-down side table (2′ square) wasn’t going to cut it!

Ikea only had a light for me, everything else was sold out, but after I put the light in and ditched the old chair that was being held together with canary yellow duct tape the entire living room began to look like somewhere comfortable to hang out in! For the first time in my life I felt like I had a place of my own that I could bring people over to.

Tonight I bought the rug and the coffee table and now my place looks like a cozy pad! Man, I can’t wait to have peeps over to see it now.

Next things on the list: shelving for the storage area upstairs so my camping gear doesn’t sit in a big jumble beside the washer/dryer. Then I need to get the closets set up.

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