My Sister Avoids the Deep Dark Woods

I’ve only got a few minutes so I’ll make this quick.

My sister has rolled into town on her way to Winnipeg, where her and her husband are moving to after living in Dubai for a couple of years. It’ll be a big change for him; he’s only lived in India and Dubai.

It’s been good to see Theresa for the past few days. We’ve been hanging out, talking about stuff and playing cribbage. On Thursday Sharon, my sister, and I went over to Naam for tasty vegetarian food. Last night Theresa was dealing with the Ford dealership where she’s buying a new Ford Ranger. She’s pretty excited about that.

While she was working the deal over there, Sharon and I went down to Granville Island to see a Saskatchewan band, The Deep Dark Woods, lay down some jam music. Great band! Lead singer is a lanky lumberjack lookin’ fella who speaks in growls and whispers but sings very well. They’d go on these great jams and it wasn’t long before people were spilling into the aisles to dance.

Wednesday night our band got back together for our first jam in almost a month. It sounded better than I thought it would and I was worried that I’d had forgotten how to drum. My timing was a little shaky but I was able to get through our session without sounding too much like a drunken ape.

Alright, Sharon and I are heading back to my place to make a late breakfast and see how my sister’s truck deal turned out. She was going back to the Ford dealership this morning to seal the deal.

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