Beyond the Wheel

That was the title of my favorite song from tonight’s amazing Soundgarden show. Those guys came out and thundered! They haven’t put out the new album yet so it was a set full of their early stuff like Gun, Beyond the Wheel, Slaves and Bulldozers, and many, many other great songs.

Chris Cornell was sporting a new beard and long hair that made him look a little like “The Dude” from Big Lebowski. Kim Thayil was all mysterious looking and was also rocking the beard but with much more grey than he had back in the 90’s.

Meat Puppets, who you might know from having written a couple of songs that Nirvana covered on their Unplugged performance, put on an inspired set to start things out. Those dudes are getting old, but they still rock out. The bassist looks a bit like Relic from the Beachcombers. They had a short show but managed to stuff it full of the Nirvana unplugged material and their big 90’s hit, Backwater. I’m glad I finally got to see them.

Then Queens of the Stone Age came out and delivered an avalanche of rock. Josh and his band are tight and blew through their time. It seemed like they’d just gotten started and then they had to leave. In hindsight they performed a bunch of songs but it all went by too quickly.

Now I’m home, starting to wind down, and have to pack for my cycle trip (my first real one!) to Nanaimo tomorrow to hang out with Dave for the weekend.

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