En Route

Last Sunday night (July 13) my good friend Dave’s Dad passed away after a fight with cancer. Dave, who lives in Tofino, spent the past week in Vernon and came back through Vancouver on Saturday. I haven’t seen Dave in quite some time and it was good to get together, even if the circumstances weren’t the best. 

After wrestling our way out of the airport parking lot we headed downtown to the Black Frog for a pint and some food. The Black Frog is one of our favorite places to spend time since it’s modeled after one of our favorite bars in Edmonton, The Black Dog. We spent most of the day catching up on our lives over the past couple of months and finally I dropped Dave off at the airport again for his flight to Tofino. 

Sunday was pretty mellow. A couple naps. Bike ride into the south end of town. Packed up for our trip to Mayne Island today. 

Mayne Island is one of my favorite islands to visit amongst the Gulf Islands. There’s one campground which is privately owned and is situated on a gorgeous oceanfront location.   The campground features an outdoor shower, built using cedar, that’s nestled in the trees so you can look out over the bay while you’re cleaning up. Since it’s tucked in the trees, no-one on the ocean can see you (fortunately!).

I’m sitting at the ferry terminal waiting for the Village Bay ferry to load. It appears to be late since we’re supposed to be leaving right now!

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