Pemberton – Day 1

Thank goodness we left early on Friday to get to our camp spot! Pemberton is a small town north of Whistler that was hosting the Pemberton Festival and they expected 40,000 people to arrive. We hit a traffic jam outside of town and it was only noon! About an hour later we’d made it through the town and headed to our camp spot at Birkenhead. Birkenhead’s a great spot with a lake, a river, and is much quieter than the camp spots near Pemberton that are full of drunken yahoos. 

After setting up at Birkenhead we headed into the festival. Unfortunately we weren’t in time to see Metric, but we did make it for Wolfmother’s show, which rocked! They’re a throwback to the rock bands of the 70’s and are great to see live in a festival atmosphere. Once we’d been slapped around by Wolfmother, Serj Tankian (singer for System of a Down) took the stage in a white suit and top hat. He was cool to see. Sounded a lot like System but maybe a little mellower.

Interpol were the surprise hit of the day for me. I’ve seen them once at the Commodore before and it was a good show but wasn’t anywhere near as good as their show today! I’m going to have to check out the new album. 

The headliners were Nine Inch Nails and they were aweseome. They played a good mix of old songs and new stuff. 

We cut out near the end of NIN so we could try and catch one of the shuttles back to our parking lot. Fortunately we chose to park at the “Pole Yard”, a small log home building place on the north end of town. Being on the north end meant we didn’t have to go through Pemberton to get to our car. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to be running any shuttles up to the Pole Yard so we had a 30 minute walk to get to my little Honda Civic. As it turned out the entire shuttle service was in disarray and we made better time than most of the people who shuttled.

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