Update from Ucluelet

I’m in Ucluelet right now at an internet cafe waiting for the boat to Bamfield to sail. Their office people didn’t show up so they’re waiting around to get keys and stuff before they can depart.

Amanda and I made it back from Pemberton without any problems. We left early so we could avoid the traffic rush that was sure to hit the sea to sky highway. After showering and doing laundry we hopped on a ferry to Nanaimo to stay with Amanda’s aunt and uncle who live near Ladysmith. They were really awesome and we ate all kinds of tasty food and heard scuba diving tales from her uncle.

Yesterday found us heading to Tofino to visit Dave and check out the west coast. It’s a beautiful drive even though it poured rain on us most of the way. Personally, I love the coastal rains so it doesn’t bother me much. The rain let up in the evening and we cooked up a bunch of prawn skewers on Long Beach last night. Tasty!

Now we wait for the ship to Bamfield…

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