Greenwich Park was amazing! My cousin Andrew used to work for Parks Canada and he said that Greenwich is the crown jewel of the PEI parks and all the parks people are quite proud of it. Now that I’ve been there I can see why. There’s a short hike through the marsh behind a series of sand dunes that sit on the north shore of the island. Once you’re over the dunes you wind up on a beautiful beach that extends as far as you can see. 

We splashed around in the water a little bit and then headed back to the interpretive centre, a huge building containing all sorts of cool exhibits. There’s a series of mussel leases in the bay near the centre and I got to learn all about mussel harvesting. I’m thankful I didn’t choose mussel farming as a career. It’s pretty grimy and harvesting can take place in the winter which looks like even less fun.

Late in the afternoon, after getting back and taking the dog for a swim, we tramped into the Gahan House for some microbrew beer and food. Gahan House is the only place on the island that brews beer and I’ve been surprised to find that no-one else serves microbrews on PEI. Your choices are generally limited to Molson, Labatts, Moosehead, and Alexander Keiths. At any rate, the Gahan House was awesome! Great food and their Sir John A’s Honey Wheat ale was exceptionally tasty. We inquired about taking some home, since they sell it in bottles and “growlers” (64 fl oz jugs) but they recommended it be kept refrigerated until you drink it, which would’ve been tricky on my way back to BC. They don’t use any preservatives, hence the need for refrigeration.

Last night we toured around a bit more while we picked up a new dryer for the apartment. Once the dryer was in place we had a couple beers and chilled out until it was time to pass out. 

Monday I’ll be continuing my journey through the maritimes when I head to Nova Scotia. My uncle’s going to sit down with me today and point me at the sights in Nova Scotia. I’m looking forward to seeing that province!

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