Last night, mostly due to distance and the fact that neither of us will be moving anytime soon, my girlfriend and I decided to call off our relationship. She’s an amazing person and it’s unfortunate that circumstances are what they are but we’re still going to be friends and remain in touch. It hurts though and I’ve been wide awake since 4am thinking about all this.

This led me to thinking about how I can make a bundle of money so things like work and location become less challenging in the future. I’d like to difersity my income and I’m thinking real estate is one way to do it. Last night I’d already ordered a couple of real estate investing books off Chapters so I can think through my long-term strategy as I dive into the market. I will be buying a place within the next several months but I’m undecided about how to best set things up so I can turn my place into a rental property or how I can purchase an additional rental property in the future.

In more exciting news, I caught a screening of Burn After Reading last weekend. It’s a well-done but completely ridiculous movie. I recommend!

Shanman and I snuck into Hell’s Kitchen in Kits for a couple of beers and some tasty pizza (they are famous for their awesome pizza) on Saturday night. Our friend Tom is managing the joint and I was glad to finally see the place. It’s a really cool lounge/bistro spot and they’ve got some tasty Whistler Weissbier on tap. I have become all about the wheat ales recently and this was one of the more tasty ones.

Wednesday night was the Black Frog’s customer appreciation night where they sell beer for $3 and have all kinds of free food and stuff. Since it’s our favorite bar in the city we got in and had a silly night with a waitress that totally out-sassed our friend Reilly! Normally Reilly is ruthless about sassing waitresses but he got verbally slapped around all night by this girl.

Tonight I’m heading down to the Media Club with Kris to see a reunited Wedding Present perform. The band’s history goes back into the mid-1980’s and I don’t know their music that well. It’s been recommended to me before though and Kris was impressed with their last show so I’m going to check it out. Kris has seen heaps more bands than I could ever dream of seeing and when he recommends a show it’s always awesome.

My alarm just went off so I guess it’s time to get up now and head to the gym.

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