Crude Love

Last night a pack of us saw the excellent play, Crude Love, which presented Fort McMurray in 2012 after peak oil had caused the US military to move in and secure the oil interests up there. The play’s focus was on a love affair that unfolded between a Newfie girl who worked the tar sands and a hippie environmentalist who was working to both sabotage the tar sands projects and raise awareness of the environmental devestation caused by the projects.

Great play and well acted. Thouroughly enjoyed!

After the play we retired to the Keg on Granville Island for beers, food, and chat. Finally, Josh Kimli and I headed to the Railway for a couple more beers and a game of darts.

Interestingly, yesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and we found ourselves sitting near a table of people in full pirate regalia. One of them even joined us for our crazy game of darts. None of us actually know how to properly play darts so instead we use our own system for scoring that involves throwing all the darts in a single bunch towards the dartboard using your non-dominant hand. I.e. if you’re a righty, then you throw the clump of darts with your left hand. It’s great fun and much more entertaining than traditional darts!

Today was about having breakfast at Hamburger Mary’s with Josh and then heading down to the dentist for a teeth cleaning.

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