Gophers and Whisky

I’ve been a little wiped out the last couple of days, mostly because I’ve been trying to make the transition from eastern time and I’m really tired at night. I’ve been getting up bright and early though!

Friday, after an afternoon nap, we headed out with some of Amanda’s friends for a night of rock band. This one guy nailed Ballroom Blitz which I found impressive. Then we stumbled over to the Ship and Anchor for another couple of pints before heading back home. The Ship is my favorite bar in Calgary. Strangely they were spinning a lot of bad metal songs that night. 

On Saturday Amanda and I headed to Torrington to check out the Gopher Hole Museum. It wins the award for the weirdest place I’ve visited on this trip. They have displays of stuffed gophers, in costume, in different scenes from around town. There’s a couple of gophers getting married at the local church. Some gophers pumping gas. Other gophers were hanging out on a beach. You can see pictures on my flickr account

That evening we were invited to some friends for dinner, which was tasty, and then we all piled into a theatre to see Get Smart. Great film! My expectations were low, but it was really funny. They took some digs at cliches from the action/spy movie genre.

Today I think we’re heading to Chestermere for some ski dooing or something. Might be a little cold, but should be fun!

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