Home Again

I just rolled into Vancouver after a quick drive over the Coquihalla from Vernon. I’d spent a couple of nights with my Mom on the way back from Calgary, which was nice, and then headed for home this morning. She’s doing quite well although my sister had some news to share. She’s getting married! Over to her dude in Dubai. Hopefully we’ll get to meet him next year. The bonus is they’ll be doing a ceremony over in India (he’s from Bombay) which gives me an excuse to go over there. Score!

In Calgary I got out to Chestermere Lake for some seadooing and chilling on the waterfront. It’s getting a little cold out, but it’s still good to hang out in for now. I’m glad I’m back on the warm coast. It’s sunny and hot in Vancouver still.

I also got to hook up with some of my relatives and hit up Nellies Cosmic Cafe with Clint for some tasty breakfast.

Tonight I’m catching some food with the North Shore gang over at Dadeo’s and then there might be some beer drinking at Hell’s Kitchen in Kitsilano.

It’s good to be home. Feels weird to be in my apartment since I’ve been gone for so long. I scarcely remembered what it looked like. Using windows on a desktop is kinda strange too. The monitors feel huge and the keyboard feels big and clunky after being on a small laptop for the past few weeks.

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