I Fail at WordPress

I had a whole post written up this weekend but it seems to have disappeared, leading me to conclude that I have failed at using WordPress. So I’m in Vancouver now, am back at work, but find myself unable to use simple blogging software.

Work’s going well. Going back wasn’t as hard as I’d feared. Vacation mode was easy to slip out of although I miss the spare time where I used to be able to drum, take photos, and travel. My biggest thing right now is shifting back into the 5am wakeups so I can get out and whip myself back into shape. I put on a couple of inches driving across Canada and I want them back off so I’m jumping on the “30-60 minutes of sweat on weekdays” routine. I find if I don’t work out in the mornings then I tend not to do it, so I’ve got my alarm set for 5:10am.

What’s strange is I’ve had incredible sugar cravings yesterday and today. Yesterday I chowed down one and a half chocolate bars plus a small bag of chips. Today I took down a pack of Reeses Pieces and a good-sized slice of peach rhubarb pie. So despite hitting the gym yesterday and going for an awesome bike ride this morning, I’m probably gaining weight instead of losing it. I even tried packing a ridiculous amount of fresh fruit today and it was no help!

I’m a little tired tonight so I’m going to sit back and then pass out soon. I’ll try and post something about the end of my trip on the weekend.

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