Nearing Fargo

Yesterday I’d planned to make it to Fargo, but 80 miles out I decided to stop for the night because I was getting a little tired. I’m paranoid about driving when I’m tired so I tend to error on the side of caution. 

I never did stop to take any pictures yesterday, preferring instead to burn straight through and see how far I could get. The States are pretty serious about not stopping on the side of the highway anyway. There are heaps of signs along the roadsides about “emergency stopping only.” One thing I missed was a giant pink statue of a moose outside of this resort. Only in Wisconsin would someone put up a big pink moose.

Wisconsin and Minnesota were nice to drive though after I left Chicago. Sunny and scenic farmlands most of the way. It was almost like driving through Saskatchewan or Alberta. Chicago was cool. It seems like a grittier city than most and the traffic was hectic. I was on a 6-lane one-way freeway through the city and it was jam packed with cars who would drive within inches of each other and make sudden, unannounced lane changes. I’m not sure why, but I felt more comfortable driving in this than I do driving in Vancouver. I think it’s because I enjoy the rush that comes from driving in a raging river of aggressive city drivers. People were aggressive on the Chicago roads, but it made traffic flow quickly and efficiently, something that doesn’t happen in Vancouver so much. 

The other adventure was finally hitting up a Target store. Our friends go down there for clothes shopping and I wanted to see what the appeal was. I grabbed: 2 pairs of Levis jeans, 2 button up shirts, 2 short sleeved quick dry running tops, and a vintage looking AC/DC ball cap to help me play the part of the rowdy, small town rocker when I arrive in Vernon. I figure I’ll fit right in with the Limp Bizkit fans blaring nu metal out of their jacked up trucks. This is how one looks cool in a town like Vernon. Anyhow, total cost for all that: $125 US. The same selection of stuff would have been $200 or more in Canada. 

Today I’m going to head towards the border and see how close I can get to Canada. Google maps says I’ve got a 17 hour drive to Calgary from Fergus Falls and I expect I can knock close to 12 hours off that today.

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