Believe it, there’s a town in Michigan called Kalamazoo! I’m there right now, getting a shower and resting up for the next two days of driving through the northern states. I decided to break down and get the first hotel room of the trip. I would’ve got one earlier tonight, but I figured I had to stay in a town called Kalamazoo, if only because of the cool name. 

The Republican convention was on the TV in the lobby when I checked in. Where’s Hunter S. when you need him? He’d be in his element during this election. I’m firmly behind Obama and I hope the American public will be too.

The day’s driving went well. I stopped in at a Canadian Tire to get an oil change this morning because I’ve put over 4000 kms on the car since I got the last change in Charlottetown. The miles add up pretty fast! So now that the oil change is done I’m clear to drive back to Vancouver. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to make it to Fargo and then Thursday I’m going to get as far as I can towards Alberta with a planned arrival in Calgary sometime Friday.

Homeward Bound

I’m writing from Kingston, where I’ve stopped in briefly to check in with the online world before heading for the US border and home. 

Quebec City was pretty awesome! After that tasty breakfast I took a wander through old Quebec and found myself transported to a European city. The old Quebec was amazing that way. There were narrow cobbled streets and all kinds of cool old buildings. 

Reluctantly, I pulled out of Quebec to head to Montreal where I got mired in Labour Day traffic on Autoroute 40. It took seemingly forever to get past Montreal and I didn’t make it much farther. Today I expect traffic will have mellowed and I’ll be glad I’m not trying the border crossing on the last day of the long weekend. 

I’ve got a few pictures from Quebec to post but then I don’t expect I’ll be shooting much more as I’ll be concentrating on driving straight through to Calgary.

Je Suis Dans la Quebec

I’m writing this from Cosmos Cafe in Quebec where I’ve chowed down this enormous plate of fruit and pancakes. I’d ordered their pancakes with fruit and when the plate arrived I couldn’t even see the pancakes underneath the mound of fruit heaped on top! 

Last night I left Charlottetown and drove straight towards Quebec, only stopping for gas along the way. This morning I made the remainder of the drive and since I gained an hour because of the time change I got into the city pretty early. So I took a spin around the Plains of Abraham, where the British defeated the French to take control of the city of Quebec during the Seven Years War and am now eating a ridiculous amount of fruit. 

As I was leaving Charlottetown, I’d put on some Queens of the Stone Age to take me out of town. I was getting pretty into it and at one of the last lights before the highway I found myself rocking some imaginary drums in the front seat of my car. I looked up, mid drum solo, to see the couple in the car beside me laughing hysterically at my antics! I saluted them with the “devil horns” and kept rocking out. I figured no-one knows me in PEI, so what do I care. 

Right before I left Charlottetown we ate a huge meal at a pub called Hunter’s Ale House. I’d ordered their “turkey dinner special” along with their mid-sized glass of Rickards White beer and got this enormous mug of beer with a sizable turkey dinner. It was all I could do to stuff the whole thing down.

Now I’m going to take a wander around Quebec city for a little while and then hit the road again. Next stop (besides gas and sleep) is Calgary!