And you will smash your drums like the Trail of Dead…

Made a last-minute decision to go see …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead at Richards tonight. Last time I saw the band they played a bunch of their new sucky songs and the show wasn’t that good. So I was going to skip this one until Shanman emailed me to see if I wanted to check it out.

Damn good thing I did since the band rocked most of the stuff on their first few (brilliant!) albums. The crowd was fired up and there was a good-sized mosh pit in front. Jason, the guitarist/drummer, even commented that Vancouver always goes crazy at their shows.

The guys had two drummers who made the whole show thunder and at the end Jason tossed pieces of his kit around the stage. Then he went behind and started throwing guitar cases into the pile of drums. Finally the band let the last song end and they staggered offstage while their roadies tried to untangle the heap of equipment in the middle of the stage.

Now I’m going to sleep since I need to be up for house hunting tomorrow!

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