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The past couple of weeks were consumed by house hunting. Now that the ink’s dry on the papers I’ve been able to get out and do cool stuff again.

Wednesday night, after I signed off on the mortgage papers, I made it to Reilly’s for the end of our rehearsal with the band. We’ve got a few songs worked out now and there’s a new one that we ran through that night. It’s sounding pretty damn good! Reilly and Shan can make nearly anything sound good though.

Thursday, after condo inspection, I went down to the Park Theater for the fifth installment of Pecha Kucha Night in Vancouver. I’d never heard of this event before and was attending because Reilly and Miranda said it’d be a good time. They were right! Pecha Kucha Night aims to bring together creative people who get to present on any topic of their choice. Each presenter is allowed to use 20 powerpoint slides and each slide is only shown for 20 seconds, which means each person gets 6 minutes and 40 seconds of time on stage.

It was pretty awesome! The highlight (for me) was Rex Weyler, who was one of the founders of Greenpeace back in the 70s. He had his original photos from his time in the 70’s displayed behind him while he talked about his experiences in the early days of Greenpeace. Several other people had interesting talks too. Architects, designers, photographers, and all sorts of other people were explaining different facets of our city and culture. I was inspired by the whole thing. Makes my little life seem pretty uneventful. haha.

Spent some quality time at the Queen’s Cross Pub in North Van on Friday night. Then Saturday I ended up at the Morrisey with a bunch of friends. Great bar the Morrisey. This morning we did the breakfast thing at Paul’s on Granville and then wandered down to English Bay with our music gear to do some playing on the beach. We had the odd person checking us out or taking pictures while we played. Our plan is to do a few of these busking type “shows” before we try and get on a stage. That way we won’t have the first time nervousness. That’s what we hope anyway.

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