House Hunting

A couple of weeks back I began my hunt for a place to buy in earnest. I’ve been spending the last couple of years thinking about what I want and now it’s time to find my awesome pad in downtown.

So far I’ve seen a batch of places, had one offer fall through, and am looking at another potential spot tonight. So it may take a while until something comes up that’s a good fit for my price range but I’m hopeful there’ll be a new home in the next few months.

I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress.

3 thoughts on “House Hunting”

  1. You’re right, there is a lot of talk about prices dropping this year and even into 2010.

    That being said, nobody knows for certain what prices are going to do in the next couple of years. Now I do expect they may drop some more, but I am also planning on buying and holding this particular place for the long term (10+ years) in which case it’s bound to be priced higher then I’m buying in at.

    The place I looked at tonight is currently rented (tenant leaves on the 26th) and I discovered that the rental rate is exactly the same as my mortgage payment! This makes buying a no-brainer for me.

    One more thing that swayed me is this particular building has a heap of wicked cool amenities that make it a perfect fit for me. In fact, I have a hard time seeing myself living anywhere else in the next decade.

    If this deal closes (I put an offer in tonight) then I’ll post all the details up here. Believe me, it’s a very awesome pad!

  2. Good thinking about the market and waiting for prices to drop further. We never know where the bottom or top is going to be and people who buy and sell at those points are just lucky. I always say as long as you are thinking long term, the best time to buy is when the right property presents itself. Of course getting the best deal possible is always on the list!!

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