If I Was In Toronto I Would’ve Slept In

southpark_warcraftWith all the excitement of buying a condo last week I found my routine was completely disrupted. This year I’ve been more diligent about getting my jiggly butt into the gym to try and keep myself from turning into a stereotypical fat computer guy. The last couple of weeks that’s all fallen apart. I’m starting to feel sluggish and lazy and it’s been tough dragging myself out of bed in the morning.

This morning I looked at the clock and then thought, “it’s 8:00 in Toronto right now. If I was in Toronto I wouldn’t have a problem getting up.” It’s only my inner voice resisting getting out of my warm bed at 5:00am. Finally I got up at 5:20  and expect to be at the gym soon. My body will protest and I’ll have that good sore muscle feeling that you get when you haven’t hit some weights in a while. I’m looking forward to having my routine back!

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