The Deal is Sealed

My condo purchase closed on Friday when I removed the subjects from the offer. Deposit got dropped off, papers were all signed and I’m a condo owner now! The completion date is April 16th and I take possession on the 17th. Can’t wait!

The price was a bit lower than market (and lower than the bank’s appraised value) since I’ve got some painting to do before I move in. I’ve lined up a painter and there’s an entire week open for him to make things look good. We’ll be having a little moving in party on the 25th with anyone who doesn’t mind lending a hand moving my small pile of stuff.

Last week I had the home inspection done and the place was in pretty good shape save for it needing new paint. There is a small list of items I’ll want to attend to in the coming months, but nothing serious. Long term I expect I’ll be re-doing the kitchen area with new cupboards and countertops. It’s a small kitchen along the one wall so it won’t be too crazy to do. The other thing that’ll probably need to be replaced in the next year or two is the dishwasher. It’s the original unit (10 years old) and is starting to look like it’s days are numbered. So I’ll have to start putting a few bucks aside for that.

Now I’ve just gotta be patient for the next two weeks.

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