Kenny Werner’s Band Blew My Mind

Kenny Werner is a jazz pianist and his show last night was the best I’ve seen at the festival this year. He had an amazing band backing him up, most notably his drummer, Antonio Sanchez, who re-inspired me to get my drumming together. They guy was a drumming machine! Kenny Werner has a great sense of dynamics in his music and I found myself so pulled into the music that it seemed like the show was ending just after it got started.

This morning I hit the Grouse Grind again. I’m glad I went early because I found the parking lot packed when I returned to my car. I’ve never seen it that busy.

After that I went home and started to work on my drumming technique, which has totally changed after seeing what Antonio played last night. I’ll obviously never get to his level but it’s made me want to get much, much better than I am right now.

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