Quiet Week

It’s been a relatively quiet week this past week. There haven’t been any shows or goings on and I’ve used the downtime to explore Ruby (a software language) and do some drumming. 

Our little band now has a permanent rehearsal space since I managed to score keys to the rehearsal spaces that are part of my building. This Wednesday we have our first jam in the new space and we’re all pretty excited. 

I’ve been feeling a little sluggish this week so there’s been no Grouse Grind adventures. I was going to go up this morning but I think I’m going to go tomorrow morning instead. 

Next week promises to be more exciting since Amanda’s coming into town for a few days. We’re going to go see the New Pornographers and Death Cab for Cutie on Thursday. Then on Friday I’m seeing my third Weakerthans show with Reilly and Miranda at the Folk Festival.

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