Slow Going This Morning

After a busy week I’m lounging in bed surfing around on my macbook and getting hungrier by the minute. I was out kinda late last night at the Mats Gustafson show at the Ironworks Studio, which is conveniently right beside my building! I discovered that the Ironworks is one of the funkiest little venues in town and I’m going to be spending more time there seeing jazz shows. Last night’s band was incredible, noisy, and chaotic. I’ve discovered this week that I love the crazynoisy free jazz stuff where the drummer is ripping around the kit and the band is freaking out in a cacaphony of screeching, squealing, and thumping. It’s kinda like playing Frank Zappa records at double speed and high volume. 

So it wasn’t a show that most people would have enjoyed :) I’m musically inspired by it though and will be hopping on my kit quite a bit over the coming weeks to get my speed and timing up to par. 

Earlier in the afternoon I biked over to Granville Island to see Chris and the other students at this week’s improvised jazz workshop put on their final performance. Again, there was a heck of a lot of noise, which I enjoyed, but we also discovered there is a whole new way of composing and orchestrating these improvised performances. The band is given sheets with different graphics that represent sonic ideas and then the bandleader will use hand signals to indicate which sonic idea the band is to follow. Looking at these diagrams I can see that it gets complicated quickly, especially since you only have guidelines and have to come up with your melodies and sounds on the fly. 

After the performance we had some dinner at the Cat’s Meow, then biked back into downtown to get some dessert at Melriches Cafe on Davie. Finally I went home just before Chris arrived  to go for a couple beers before the Ironworks show. So it was a good full day of jazz and friends, which is all one needs to have an amazing day.

Thursday was much quieter since I was actually at work all day. It’s been weird to have this week of working a couple of days in the middle. You never feel like you really get into a work routine. Anyhow, Thursday night I dropped a couple of things off at Shannon’s, collected my Don’t Need You – The Herstory of Riot Grrrl DVD and had a quick BBQ before heading home. I was a little less energetic so I fired up Rock ‘n Roll High School, the 1970’s movie featuring the Ramones and laughed my head off until I went to bed.

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