Small Town Bars

This weekend’s highlight was our Saturday night trip to the Lynnwood Inn pub which is reputed to be a sketchy place. One of our friends had spoken highly of it so we thought it was time to check it out.

The best way to describe the Lynnwood Inn is to think of the small town bars you’ve been to in your life. Now put in a bad cover band, fake stone facade on the outside, and fill the place with a mix of drunks and cougars and you basically have the Lynnwood. Everyone in our group had grown up in a small town and we were all transported back in time to when this was the only type of place you could go to have a beer.

Some girls tried to convince us to come over to their table but we’re all married (with the exception of me, and I’m not looking to pick up some girl in a small-town bar) so we declined.

The craziest part of the evening happened when we left. We were standing outside the pub when a loud screech of tires, followed by a loud crash and a large dust cloud prompted us to hustle back over to Main Street to see what happened. Some drunk guy had been roaring down Main at high speed and tried to stop at the red light. His tires locked up and he slid through the intersection, hit the opposite curb and skidded along the sidewalk until he smashed into the red light camera. The car was destroyed and the red light camera, which is anchored in the ground with a 4′ tall concrete foundation, was uprooted and thrown onto the sidewalk! The guy lurched out of his car, unharmed, while the emergency vehicles rolled towards the scene. Reilly got some photos:

The Camera

The Car

The Uprooted Camera

Sunday morning I got up bright and early to have a loud jam with Reilly in our new jamspace. We made a pile of noise and we might have the makings of a new song from it. Post-jam we met up with everyone else for some breakfast at the Alibi Room, who have the best french toast in the city. Afterwards I thought about joining the gang at the beach but decided to hit the gym instead to try and work off some of the Stellas I’d had the previous evening.

Monday I headed straight to the Grouse Grind again. I wasn’t feeling terribly energetic so I went up at an easy pace and enjoyed the climb. Then I took advantage of the rest of the day to do some software stuff. Mostly research and ripping into some newer technologies. I’m enjoying my Mondays when I get to do something different, but totally relevant to my career. I also thought I might dig into WordPress themes and plugins to see how those work. Maybe I’ll find a niche that I can build one for and make a bit of money off it.

The rest of the week’s looking pretty packed. Our band jams in the new space on Wed night. Thursday I’m going to check out the Death Cab For Cutie / New Pornographers show with Amanda, who’s in town for a few days. Friday we’re going to see the Weakerthans and Iron and Wine at the Folk Festival. Then I’ve set aside the weekend for whatever camping, hiking, or 4x4ing adventures we get up to.

One thought on “Small Town Bars”

  1. Haha, well, Darren, the tiger… We aren’t actually small town girls, we just ended up in the same small town sh!t hole bar. Haha, anyways, good to meet you and thanks for the drinks! ;)

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