Sick Like Dog

The radio silence was a result of my trying to kick a nasty cold for the last couple of weeks. The first week I found I was sleeping all the time and didn’t have much energy. Once I got back from a weekend trip to Victoria the cold came on full force and I spent last week sleeping and trying to kick it.

The good news is I’m feeling alright tonight. I’ll still get an early night and tomorrow morning, if I’m feeling good, I’ll even try and get my scrawny ass into the gym.

A good friend of ours is getting married soon so we all went to Victoria for a stag celebration a couple of weeks back. Mostly we stumbled around the town and into a few pubs, of which there are some great ones in Victoria, for drinks and a few laughs. Victoria reminds me a little of Edmonton in the summer. Obviously the towns are very different but I was reminded of the legislature grounds and the cool little shops in downtown.

This past weekend we had a band jam and communal dinner on the Friday night. Saturday I was doing a bunch of running around and then there was a crazy little party at Reilly and Miranda’s place so we could meet our friend Tanya’s fiancee. Sunday morning found me in Deacon’s Corner for breakfast with everyone and afterwards I met up with Shannon, Vanja, and a pile of friends to help them move into their new place just off Denman.

Otherwise I’ve been sleeping!

Oh and I did check out another John Hughes movie on someone’s (I forget who) recommendation. The film’s called Some Kind of Wonderful and is one of my favorite John Hughes movies yet.

The Rising Tide

Saw Sunny Day Real Estate tonight at the Commodore. Great band! They formed back in the 90’s and were widely regarded as the band that kicked off the “emo” style of music that all the kids listen to these days (I love talking like an old man).

The music I heard tonight was emotional but not like the whiny “emo” crap that’s being played these days. This was more like gentle waves of sound that would stir up into storms of noise before settling back down. I was especially impressed with their drummer who brought the band in and out of their loud/quiet/loud dynamic. He wore a pair of industrial hearing protectors (just like Reilly, the guitarist in our band) to keep from going deaf as the sidefill speaker stack threw the band’s noise back at him.

I saw Sunny Day once before in 2000 when they’d released The Rising Tide album and came through Vancouver to support it. I remember enjoying the show but it didn’t strike me as a band I wanted to get to know that well. So I haven’t listened to much of them since. Tonight’s show has made me a pretty big fan so I’m going to try and dig copies of the first two albums out.

If anyone’s interested in reading more about Sunny Day I recommend the article that Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney recently wrote. It’s well worth a read, especially given that Carrie is one of the best writers I’ve ever read.

In other music news I found out that Pavement is getting back together for some shows. I’m hoping they come to Vancouver or at least Seattle. I’ve recently discovered the genius of Pavement after seeing Stephen Malkmus and his last two brilliant solo records.

Prior to tonight’s Sunny Day show I jammed with Reilly and Shan in our rehearsal space downstairs. It was a short jam, but fun. We’ve started writing a new song and I like the way it sounds so far. Next Friday we’re going to do a BBQ at Reilly’s and we’ll put on a little performance for a couple of friends. Yes, it’s a totally exclusive show, haha.

Last night I hooked up with Tamara and some of the old gang that were around when I started working at my current company. It was good to see everyone again. Tamara’s moving to Calgary and this was our last get together with her before she heads to the snowy prairies.

This weekend we’re celebrating our friend Steve’s impending marriage with a trip to Victoria. Should be heaps of fun and I expect we’ll stagger through a number of pubs before we crawl back to the hotel rooms to collapse for the night.

So I’ll see everyone next week when I’m back.

Back in the Okanagan

I’m spending the weekend in Vernon to see how my Mom’s doing and hang out with my sister. I just introduced Theresa (my sister, for those not in the know) to Corner Gas. She had a birthday earlier this summer but didn’t have a mailing address in Dubai so I couldn’t send her anything. Now she has another piece of Canadian culture to take home with her.

My Mom’s still recovering and has been sleeping most of the time while her brain heals. She is much more alert and back to her normal self when she’s up, which is good to see. I expect she’ll have more energy in October when she comes to Vancouver for her follow up with her specialist.

Otherwise there were a couple of band jams last week and they went pretty well. My drumming is slowly but surely tightening up even though I have a long way to go to being a solid drummer.

The biggest news is that we scored 3rd row seats to see Regina Spektor, a solo female performer who I’ve wanted to see for a long time now. Her last album was brilliant and I expect the new one will be great too. She’s supposed to put on a fantastic live show and I’m glad she’s coming back to Vancouver after I missed her previous show at the Commodore.

I’m slowing down the live shows now unless it’s someone I really want to see (like Regina Spektor!) and I’m starting to put my energies into drumming and more music stuff. I figure it’s more fun to create your own music than listen to someone else’s.

Tomorrow I head back to Vancouver and into my regular life. It’s going to be a busy week with things lined up every evening. Next Saturday I’m joining our friend Steve and our gang in celebrating his upcoming marriage by going to Victoria for a stag weekend. That should be fun times! So more traveling in the near future.

#LOFNOTDK (Losers on Friday Night on Their Drum Kit)

I sat down last night to do a “few minutes” of drum practice and found myself caught in the drumming zone where almost two hours blew by. I’ve figured out a new drum part for one of our band’s songs, Lisa, which I’ll unveil at Monday afternoon’s jam. It barely involves drums and there’s a good chance it will fail to fit in the song when the whole band is playing but I’ll put it out there nonetheless.

If you’re not failing then you’re not trying!

Otherwise our band regrouped on Thursday for a post-summer vacation jam. Things went well and I’ve been practicing this week so I didn’t make a complete fool of myself. By that I mean that my inner critic did not scream, “a DRUNKEN MONKEY could play better than this” at me.

Previously during the week I squeezed in a showing of Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Inglorious Basterds, that follows a group of American guerrilla soldiers on their hunt of Hitler’s soldiers during WWII. It’s as strange and bloody as one would expect from Tarantino and I thought it was one of his best films. Certainly one of my favorites.

Tonight we’re out at Chris and Rachels to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. Tomorrow there’s a soiree at Shannon and Vanja’s to say goodbye to their old place before they move at the end of the month. Monday we jam, Tuesday I school myself in all things software, and Wednesday I’m back at work.

When I looked at my calendar this morning I realized I’ve booked every weekend right up until Oct 24, so if I pass on attending anything it’s because I’m probably not in town or otherwise occupied! I’m looking forward to November when things have slowed down again.