Flogging Molly and Ani DiFranco

Last Sunday: BBQ at my place! It was exciting to finally invite people over now that my place is all cleaned up and organized. Shan and Josh are moving into their newly-bought condo soon and wanted to get rid of a small coffee table so I inherited it. Good thing because I don’t have any tables in my house! The coffee table pulled everything together and we were all able to eat in comfort.

Now that I own my own place I’m understanding that “nesting” instinct that was such a mystery to me before. Now I’ve got the urge to bring people over for little BBQs and social things. I’m not sure my place could accommodate a large number of people but it’s certainly comfortable enough to hold a half-dozen friends for an evening.

Tuesday night a pack of us headed to the Centre For Performing Arts to see Ani DiFranco work her magic. I have this thing about never missing an Ani DiFranco show ever since I was lucky enough to first see her in Calgary almost 15 years ago. She was as amazing as ever and played heaps of new songs for us. She talked at length about Obama and the positive direction that the States is finally heading in. The stories and the observations she weaves into her performance are what turn every show from a great concert into a fascinating experience.

Last night I was fortunate to be able to get a last-minute ticket to see Flogging Molly at the Commodore with a few of our friends. I’d originally decided to skip the show since I’ve got loads of shows in the next couple of weeks and I’ve also seen the band before. The last time I saw them it was a work night and I’d been at an accounting class that evening too. So I wasn’t terribly energetic and didn’t have the gas to stay out late. Mostly I’d gone to see the opening band, The Supersuckers, rock out. When Flogging Molly came on I was so tired I ditched halfway through the show to get some well-deserved sleep.

Last night I was rested and full of energy and the show was awesome! Flogging Molly is a celtic-influenced punk band with a lead singer from Ireland and they put on a wild performance. The dude looks like a leprechaun and never seems to run out of gas! So this time I enjoyed the show and spent a bunch of time up front jumping around with all the other rabid Flogging Molly fans.

Time for breakfast. I’m hanging out at Re-entry on Main Street while my car gets an oil change. Reilly’s swinging by and we’re going to meet up at Deacon’s for some breakfast. Hopefully he takes a couple of extra minutes so I can listen to the rest of this Fleet Foxes song that the barista girls are spinning.

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