I’m a Human Fly

Thought I dodged this cold but not so, I woke up all coughy this morning and I’m a little frosted that I have to deal with this. Couple nights sleep and I’ll be back in fighting form.

I left off on Wednesday at the DevDays conference in Seattle which I thoroughly enjoyed. They had lined up a diverse range of topics and it was interesting to see what was happening in other areas of software. What I got most out of the sessions was a renewed excitement about what I do. Sometimes when you’re at work all the time and don’t get to see the more interesting aspects of software development you can become a little bored by it all. Seeing new things at a conference always gets me interested again.

After the conference we were all a little drained so we headed to Mama’s Mexican Kitchen for heaps of Mexican food. I ordered this burrito which turned out to be the size of a small whale when it showed up. Good thing I was hungry. The waitress exclaimed, “wow” when she showed up and my plate was clean. Once we’d eaten we went back to the Whisky for a beer and then an early night. Again, I love the funky places in Seattle. I can’t wait for my November trip to see the Pixies!

Speaking of November, I’m going to go back to Tofino with a pack of friends for a few days first thing in the month. Dave’s going to fire the boat up and we’ll have a good time I’m sure. We’re staying in the same cabins as last time which is perfect since they’re on the water but right beside town so we can walk everywhere.

Tomorrow night I’m bringing a small group of friends over to break in the new BBQ. It promises to be good times despite my not owning a table for anyone to eat on! We’ll manage I’m sure…

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